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A New Addition to My Vintage Inspired Wig Collection


July 28, 2022

Every time I add a new wig to my collection, she becomes my favorite. It’s like trying on a new personality; I love how much they can completely transform my look in the short time it takes to put it on.

This fun little number is by Sarah Necia of Necia’s Hairstyling. I bought a couple of custom pieces from her — a half wig and a full wig — but I’ve also gotten so lucky with the ready to ship vintage inspired wigs I’ve scored. Her waiting list for customs is pretty long (and fully worth the wait!) but she lists ready to ship options every week.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this coppery color on me, but I love it. It’s a fun change, and while I absolutely would wear this out — I’m used to getting weird looks! — it’s more for photo and video shoots than everyday wear. Having a bunch of vintage inspired wigs makes getting ready for our Retro Recipes videos so much easier.

p.s. I just received two more vintage inspired wigs in the mail…do you want to see them?

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