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What Are the Best Petite Jeans?

What Are the Best Petite Jeans?

As a person who stands at 5’3″, I understand firsthand the struggle of finding a solid pair of jeans that doesn’t need further alteration besides the usual cuff. While I’ve personally become very comfortable with buying regular-length denim and slicing the bottoms with a pair of fabric shears, I get that not everyone is into the frayed hem look. Not everyone can afford or has time to go to a tailor to preserve the original hem of their jeans.

You’ll always meet fashion people who swear by a certain style of jeans or only wear ones from a particular brand, but even when you compare and contrast denim with other short-legged folks, the search for the best petite jeans feels like a never-ending game of trial and error — after all, what works for one body type won’t necessarily work for another. Although we’re always fantasizing about the perfect pair of jeans, it isn’t easy to find. Sisterhood of Traveling Pants moment.)

So, ahead — at the recommendation of fellow short fashion colleagues, friends, and shop reviewers — we present a list of our current favorite petite denim styles. This isn’t a perfect or complete list by any means, but we did aim to cover brands that offer denim styles in an array…

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