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9 Delicious But Weight-Loss Friendly Snacks


What is the biggest fear for people trying to lose weight? You have to choose from bland, bland food or limited variety of delicious meals while on a diet. There are diet plans that ask you to munch only cucumbers and salads all day long and then there are amazing diet plans on Rati Beauty where you get to lose weight with food that does not feel like “diet food” at all. It is important to eat healthy food and not feel like you are being punished for your weight loss efforts. The weight loss diet plans on Rati Beauty are easy to follow, where you do not feel the urge to get down the weight loss wagon just to eat “normal” food that would tickle the tastebuds. Also, here’s a list of 9 delicious but weight-loss friendly snacks that would not hamper your goals.

1. Cauliflower Pizza – Make your cauliflower florets grainy by grating them or using a blender. Then steam it and combine it with eggs, herbs, and spices to create a tasty crust. You can add healthy toppings like paneer, bell peppers and mushrooms to your pizza. Finally, grate some parmesan cheese. It’s a gluten-free option as well, which is  low in calories, and does not spike blood sugar.
2. Greek Yogurt Fruit Bowl: Strawberries ,…

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