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Breakfasts that are zero-oil

Breakfasts that are zero-oil

We can help you if you’re struggling to reduce your daily calorie intake to achieve a calorie surplus to lose weight. Start with your cooking oil – get healthier ones and even with those, reduce oil consumption or go oil-free – it would help cut down so many calories and has several potential benefits as well. Oil, even the healthiest olive oil, contains 120 calories per teaspoon. By reducing or eliminating oil from your meals, you can lower your overall caloric intake, which can be¬† beneficial to achieve your weight loss goals. Many oils (especially those used in everyday cooking) are high-fat and contain transfats. They can also negatively affect heart health. These fats are known to increase LDL cholesterol (the bad kind), and may also increase your risk of heart disease. They can also clog your arteries. Reduce your oil intake to keep your heart in good health. If you’ve decided to reduce your oil consumption, a healthy and nutritious breakfast is the best place to start.


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