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Seven Ways to Prevent Overeating When Snacking

Seven Ways to Prevent Overeating When Snacking

Experts say the right choice of snacks can actually be beneficial to one’s weight loss journey – they keep hunger pangs in check until your next meal, sustain energy levels, and basically keep you from get hangry (getting irritable and angry because of hunger). Remember that the type of snacks you choose, the way you snack and how often you snack all affect your weight loss goals. For example, a bowl of unsalted, no-butter, air-popped popcorn may approximately have just 30 calories per cup and wouldn’t derail your weight loss efforts. However, it’s easy to overeat while snacking because we often forget to keep a tabs on the calories consumed. Overeating is known to make weight loss difficult and even lead to weight increase. Ideally, it’s recommended to limit calories of snacks anywhere from 150 to 200 calories, with two of them in a day, when you are trying to lose weight. If you’re going over the limit, there are 7 ways to avoid overeating.

1. Don’t Eat Directly From the Packet:

Let’s admit it – most accessible snacking options are available in packets! And it’s so convenient and time-saving to just rip open a packet and eat directly from it! But this practice…

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