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7 ways to make Pasta weight loss friendly


There are many reasons why pasta is everyone’s favourite – it’s a comfort food for many with its rich taste and flavour, also quick and easy to cook; not to forget easily available and affordable. There are so many reasons we all love pasta – as a filling meal for days when there’s not much time to spend in the kitchen, for family dinners, for date nights, to pack into kids’ tiffin boxes, even to carry along on picnics. However, for those on a diet, pasta is not exactly a weight-loss friendly option considering the presence of  high-calorie ingredients like cheese and creamy sauces. You can have pasta as part of a cheat meal, but if you are still worried if it would hamper your weight loss goals, let’s find some ways to make it healthier so that you can still enjoy pasta without getting off the weight loss wagon.

1. Dump the White Flour: Let’s start with the main ingredient itself. Maida, or white flour, is low in nutrients and high in refined carbs. It also has high levels of calories. This raises blood sugar very quickly. This spike in blood sugar triggers insulin release, which facilitates the conversion of more glucose into fat. You will feel hungry quickly because white flour does not contain fiber.

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