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7 Ways Sugar Hurts your Weight Loss Goals


If no one has told you this before, we are going to reveal that right away – sugar can hurt your weight loss goals more than fat!  Sugary foods like sweets, pastries and ice cream can be a huge obstacle in your weight loss efforts. Eliminating sugar can actually be a game changer! This important step can help lower your risk of many chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Research says we are consuming way more sugar than what experts consider is within normal limits – we love to add heaps to chai, coffee, have sugary treats and desserts to lower stress, calm jittery nerves, and fight boredom! Excess sugar leads to weight gain, there’s on doubt about it and it has become increasingly difficult to avoid sugar because it can be sneaked into everyday foods like bread, yogurt, salad dressing, ketchup, snacks, cereals, juices, health drinks, and in so many other ways. Are you wondering why sugar should be eliminated from your diet? Here are 7 ways sugar can harm your weight loss goals.

1. Sugar Causes Sharply Increased Blood Sugar Levels and Insulin Release: Sugar can cause blood sugar levels to rise rapidly, which…

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