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Seven unexpected foods that melt away pounds

Seven unexpected foods that melt away pounds

There are many foods that are diet friendly, such as cucumber, broccoli and oats. But there are also other foods which are not as well known, but can be eaten on any diet. These foods are often overlooked, but can help you achieve your weight loss goals. According to a recent study, pistachios are a high-calorie nut. However, a regular intake of pistachios without salt led to weight loss and a smaller waist circumference. Therefore, it’s important to not just¬†count calories, you have to make those calories count as well and make sure they are packed with beneficial nutrients when you are trying to lose weight. We list 7 foods that will melt away the pounds in this article. Click here to read more.

1. Pumpkin seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are superior to chia or hemp seeds due to their high levels of fiber, protein and healthy fat. It also has minerals like magnesium which helps to boost metabolism, regulate blood sugar, and curb  appetite. Pumpkin seeds are good as a snack or in trail mixes. They can also be added to smoothies. Mix unsalted nuts, pumpkin seeds and walnuts for a trail mix that is weight-loss friendly.

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