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7 Hidden Calories that Help You Lose Weight


Trying to lose weight on your own can be quite frustrating – all the calorie counting, planning the entire day’s meals, figuring out which food is low in calories – it’s too much work and that’s why losing weight may actually seem too complicated, but we have got it all figured out for you on Rati Beauty diet – we have planned it out all so that you don’t struggle. When it comes to calories, there are many different ways people can unknowingly consume more calories. Often the source is not identified. These are known as sneaky calories, and can quickly add up without you even realizing. Overlooking these sources can make weight loss extremely difficult and weight gain imminent, so in this article, we list out ways to trace back the source of sneaky calories.

1. Taste Testing/Sampling Food While Cooking: All that testing and tasting food while cooking can be a source of extra calories, especially if it’s not in your diet plan. While it might seem tempting to try different dishes while you cook, this can lead to extra calories.
2. Extra sugar in tea/coffee: Did you know that a single tbsp can contain more than 48 calories? Add sugar to tea/coffee ,…to increase sweetness

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