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7 Smart Cooking Methods For Weight Loss

7 Smart Cooking Methods For Weight Loss

Did you know deep frying reduces the nutritional profile of vegetables? It can also increase the number of calories because food tends to absorb oil during cooking. Experts say the deep frying process can change the structure of protein, vitamins, antioxidants, etc., so it’s best to avoid deep frying food to lose weight and to improve overall health as well. It’s not just picking up healthy food and eating a balanced diet, the process of cooking plays an important role in weight loss. Read this article to learn about some smart cooking methods you can use to help your weight loss.

1. Grilling:

Grilling non-vegetarian foods is an excellent way to cook them as the fat can drip off. The grilling method adds a smoky taste without adding additional oils or fats. The grilling method can be used to cook chicken, fish, or any other vegetable (broccolis and bell peppers as well as carrots, onions and carrots).

2. Broiling:

Adds a smoky flavor to food. The cooking technique of broiling involves the food being exposed to direct heat. It is a common technique to cook meat, chicken and fish. Vegetables like tomatoes,…

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