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7 Oil-Free Meal Ideas to Boost Weight Loss

7 Oil-Free Meal Ideas to Boost Weight Loss

There are several reasons why health experts advocate to reduce oil consumption – firstly, oil is a highly concentrated source of calories, with refined sunflower oil (commonly used in Indian cooking) containing approximately 120 calories per tablespoon and mustard oil may have up to 124 calories. There are also other oils that are commonly used for cooking (such as vegetable, olive, coconut or canola oil) which have the same amount of calories and 14gm fat per tablespoon. Individuals can reduce their caloric intake by reducing or eliminating oil consumption. This can help them lose weight. People may also choose an oil-free diet due to heart disease, high cholesterol and other health concerns. Low-oil and no-oil eating habits can improve cardiovascular health. Out of all the meals, dinner time is a good idea to go oil free to shave off significant calories and take the extra load off the body when it’s preparing for rest and digesting all those extra calories from oil wouldn’t help! You want to know some tasty oil-free recipes? Want to know delicious oil-free ideas?

1. Phulka with Tamata muthia nu Shak (Tomato and Dumpling curry)

This is a Gujarati tomato and dumpling curry, made completely without oil. The original recipe…

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