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7 Office Snacks to Support Weight loss

7 Office Snacks to Support Weight loss

As people are increasingly spending more time at their workplace, it has become clear that the office environment plays a vital role in a person’s physical and mental well being. With protracted working hours that go beyond the typical 9-to-5 routine, indulgence in high-calorie, processed snacks along with limited physical activity and increased stress – office environment serves as the perfect setup for weight gain and lifestyle-related diseases. During office hours, when you feel hungry or low on energy, it can be difficult to focus and give one’s best performance. Snacks provide an easy and quick source of energy that can keep us going throughout the day. That’s why instead of relying vending machine options or fast food, consuming nutritious snacks would be so good for health and overall well being. In fact, for individuals trying to lose weight, working with a full-time job at the office, it can be quite challenging when there are tempting, high-calorie snacks readily available – at vending machines and also through friendly colleagues who love sharing food. However, fret not! This article lists 7 office snacks to help you lose weight.

1. Jowar Puffs These puffs provide a healthy and low-calorie snack…

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