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7 Habits to Follow During a Weight Loss Journey


Weight loss is not just about consuming fewer calories and burning out more, there are some unwritten rules that when followed correctly bring faster weight loss results. For success with weight loss, it is important to have healthy eating habits and change lifestyle habits such as eating healthier, more home-cooked meals, and being more active. Here are 7 healthy eating habits that you can adopt to lose weight.

1. Eating only on Scheduled Meal Timings: It’s extremely important to stick to regular meal and snack timings when trying to lose weight to avoid frequent snacking, mindless grazing, keep the metabolism up, and helps to maintain a balanced diet and steady supply of energy. That’s why, the weight loss diets on Rati Beauty app help you chalk out a perfect meal plan that can help you slim down without food deprivation.

2. Being mindful, doing nothing else while you eat: Have you ever noticed how much longer you eat when you’re watching TV or binging on your favorite shows on the phone? Unknowingly, you might eat second or third meals. You may eat while you watch TV, which can make it difficult to practice mindful eating and portion control. This can lead to excessive intake of…

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