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6 foods high in resistant starch which promote weight loss


Although carbs have been popularized for a long time, there are some carbs that can actually aid in weight loss. Experts don’t fear carbs. They are talking about resistant starch. When there’s resistant starch in the meal, your body has to work harder to digest it and burn more calories while doing so. There are many benefits to adding resistant starch into your diet. It helps to balance blood sugar and prevents sharp insulin spikes. This improves insulin sensitivity. The resistant starch doesn’t get digested by the small intestine, and instead feeds the good bacteria in your gut. Also, keeps you fuller for longer. Recent research has shown that resistant starch can promote fat oxidation. There’s one more benefit – when resistant starch gets fermented in the gut, the byproducts can actually increase fat burning by 20% to 25%, which means less fat accumulation as well. With so many weight loss benefits linked with resistant starch, here’s a list of 6 Foods High in Resistant Starch that Promote Weight Loss.

1. Sweet Potato: The best thing about sweet potato is that you can eat with the peel on – which is packed with dietary fiber. This is a great option for satiating your sugar cravings…

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