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Five Ways to Track Your Weight Loss Progress


When you have made losing weight your life’s aim and top priority, and have been doing everything possible to achieve that, it’s quite natural to feel disappointed and frustrated when you are not seeing any result on the weighing scale even after weeks and months of relentless efforts. We know that you may feel discouraged when the weighing machine doesn’t show positive results. But, before you give up and quit trying, let us remind you that weight reduction is more than just about lowering your weighing scale. It’s a fact that weighing scale overpowers other factors and deprives you from enjoying your progress. Here are five ways you can track your weight loss without ever stepping on the scale.

1. Take Pics As Often: Click selfies of yourself, whether it’s at work, in the gym, before the bathroom mirror – all these would help you keep track of the changes in your body from one week to next week. Bonus – After you have reached your goal, you would love to flaunt these pics as well.

2. Calculate the Total Body Fat Percentage. Also track your total body fat percentage.

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