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5 Things that make weight loss difficult


Losing weight ain’t that easy and it doesn’t come packed in a fat-burning pill. Also, eating a lot of a particular healthy food that claims to have weight loss properties won’t help either. It’s a combination of healthy diet along with regular physical activity that is most effective, and following diet plans on Rati Beauty app helps to create calorie deficit and lose weight the right way and safely too. It is not easy to lose weight. But if you’re having trouble finding success even after counting every calorie, these five things could be the reason.

1. Exercise is more important than dieting: Many people believe that exercising will lead to faster weight loss. They eat less, exercise more, and then their metabolism crashes due to a lack in energy and nutrients. From that point, it becomes shedding extra pounds becomes a struggle because there’s not much energy to sustain strenuous exercise. Ideally, maintain this ratio – 80% diet and 20% exercise, to see big results. Reduce calories by eating a healthier diet, but don’t compromise on nutrition. Of course, you can burn calories through exercise (up to 500 calories with high intensity strenuous workouts), but it’s much easier to slash calories…

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