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5 Refined Foods that Can be Swapped With 100% Whole Wheat


White bread, pizza, doughnuts, cookies, burgers, biscuits, etc., don’t we all love to gorge on these yummy treats? But experts recommend cutting down on refined foods and replacing them with whole grains to people who want to shed extra weight. The reason why refined foods wouldn’t fit well into a weight loss diet is that they cause a sharp jump in blood sugar (due to lack of fiber and other nutrients) and trigger an insulin response. The insulin response then kicks in, balances blood sugar and redirects empty calories into cells for storage as fat.

The thing with food that’s made out of refined carbs (pizza, chocolates, cookies, biscuits, sweets, etc.) They are addictive and will keep you hungry throughout the day. On the other hand, complex carbs found in whole grains, vegetables, etc., have comparatively lower glycemic index, get slowly digested, have nutrients such as fiber, minerals, vitamins, that help with weight loss. It’s important that you eat the right kind of carbs, and cut down refined carbs as much as you can. But as we have explained before, it becomes extremely difficult to give up refined foods due to several reasons – refined foods are often high…

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