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5 Delicious and Healthy Food Combinations to Enjoy at Lunch


A healthy gut microbiome can be one of the most important keys to weight loss. A lot of research done recently has revealed the significance of the gut in not just maintaining good digestive health, but also its undisputed role in regulating many essential physiological functions – from hormonal to mental health no less. The gut is actually called the second brain and that’s because there are direct nerve connections between the brain and gut.

You may not know, but there are more than 100 trillion bacteria in your gut, representing 25o different species. They weigh approximately 2.5kg of total body weight. These bacteria, which make up the gut microbiome, have an impact on metabolism, immunity and weight. A disruption in the gut ecosystem could cause all these things to be affected. From thyroid to estrogen, melatonin, and cortisol – gut microbiome has a huge impact on these hormones. So, your gut has a big say in whether you are going to be in a good mood or get a good night’s sleep tomorrow. Here’s one more interesting fact – did you know the gut produces 95% of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood, healing, digestion, sleep, etc. So, if…

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