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Gujarati Snacks for Weight Loss

Gujarati Snacks for Weight Loss

Gujaratis are known for their vibrant food culture. Gujaratis love snacks and they play an important role in Gujarati cooking. From salty snacks like farsan to sweet snacks such as magaj, which is made with chickpea, ghee and sugar, to deep-fried ganthiyas and farsipuris, Gujaratis adore them, especially during teatime. Gujaratis who are well-known for their hectic lives appreciate the availability and variety of snacks they can enjoy during breaks at work, while traveling, or when enjoying leisure activities. Gujarati food is becoming increasingly popular across India. It’s easy to make and has a delicious taste. Gujarati snacks are light on the stomach, and many are suitable for weight loss because they contain healthy ingredients such as gram flour or lentils. No, we’re not talking about deep-fried farsan or other snacks that you get with a cup of hot tea in the evening. This article lists 5 snacks you can eat while losing weight.

1. Moong Dal Dhokla: It’s a high-protein snack that can be made within a short period of time and the best thing is that minimum ingredients plus steam cooking is involved. Just…

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