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15 Ways to Get Beach Waves (Even for Short Hair!)


When it comes to having a relaxed hairstyle that looks effortless and yet always seems to rise to the occasion, soft beach waves are it. I spent most of last year growing out my hair, and if I’m honest, one of the biggest incentives was the chance to create these effortless-looking waves.

When my hair was finally long enough, I asked my hairstylist for a curling iron tutorial. The technique may be simple, but it takes some practice. You have to get the right tools (curling or flat iron), clip up parts of your hair, curl away from the face, and create just the right bend in the right places. No sweat!

15 ways to get effortless beach waves

The good news is that once you get the hang of it, these soft waves look cool, like you just untied your hair after a trip to the beach, but they also look put together. And we can’t ignore the fact that they look good on shorter lengths too, so you shouldn’t miss out!

Get ready to embrace the hair trend of the year and maybe even find your signature style once and for all.

15 Beach Waves Hair Tutorials

1. 3 Ways to Get Boho Waves Without Heat from Hello Glow

No need to harm your hair with heating tools—this wavy hairstyle can be done with just some pin curl clips and styling product. 


2. The Easiest Loose Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial from Allana Davison

Even flat, straight hair can look effortlessly cool with this foolproof method. Allana uses a wand and a few hair clips and gives a bunch of helpful tips to make this hairstyle work. 

3. Heatless Waves from Elanna Pecherle

No heat? No problem! Go old school with this heatless waves method that creates big, bouncy waves, and also works on shorter hair. 

7 ways to get soft waves - Hello Glow

4. Soft Waves with T3 from The Small Things Blog

Kate from The Small Things blog shares a video tutorial on how to get easy soft waves and beautiful locks. It looks so good with her blonde highlights that we kind of want this exact same look! 

7 ways to get soft waves - Hello Glow

5. New Even Easier Waves from Whoorl

Sarah from Whoorl says she’s obsessed with creating the perfect waves, and we think she managed to do just that! They’re easy as can be, even simpler than her previous tutorials. 

6. Effortless Loose Beach Waves from Dacey Cash 

If you want a true, wispy, effortless texturized hair style, this one is for you – easy to recreate loose waves that you can wear on a daily basis. 

7 ways to get soft waves - Hello Glow

7. Flat Iron Wave Trick from The Beauty Department

The Beauty Department reveals what it takes to get this stylish look without too much effort or time. We love the messy-chic look on shorter hair. 

8. My Easy Waves from The Small Things Blog 

This timeless hairstyle is easy to achieve on an everyday basis, and the best part: you don’t need elbow-length hair to get the look. 

7 ways to get soft waves - Hello Glow

9. Blunt Bob Messy Waves from Advice from a 20 Something 

Using your hair straightener to curl your hair may sound counterintuitive, but it works so well! Amanda of Advice From a 20 Something shows you how, and it’s great to see the look applied to her blunt bob haircut. 

Effortless beachy waves overnight by Hello Glow

10. How to Get Effortless Beachy Waves from Hello Glow

If you’re wondering how to get romantic beachy waves without a flat iron while having shorter hair (yes, you can totally do that!), look no further than this overnight hair tutorial. We’re hooked! 

11. How to Easy Waves Tutorial from Brianna Fox 

Regardless of your hair length, you can use this tutorial to get the wavy hair of your dreams! You’ll also learn a great trick for adding extra volume to flat hair. 

7 ways to get soft waves - Hello Glow

12. Kaitlin’s Curls from Feel + Flourish

Using a curling iron on her shoulder-length hair, Kaitlin from Feel & Flourish shares her secrets to beautiful smooth waves. Never has retro diva hair looked more modern and chic! 

13. Fool Proof Tutorial for Curling Short Hair from Ana Molina 

With a curling iron, some good quality products, and five minutes of your time, effortless soft waves can finally be a part of your daily life. 

14. Testing Viral Heatless Waves on Short Hair from Red’s Makeup Bag 

Good news about this viral heatless waves method: it works on short hair! And the results are next level, straight out of the sea mermaid worthy. 

15. No Heat No Braids Messy Beach Waves from Beauty Confessionz 

You don’t want hot tools and you don’t want to braid your hair either? This tutorial has your back. You only need two minutes and some styling product to make this happen for you. 

How do you like wavy hair, even for shorter lengths? Do you have any tricks we should know about? Feel free to share in the comments! 


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