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12 Desi Street Foods You Can Enjoy While Eating


Whether it’s a bustling metro city like Mumbai or a smaller city like Hyderabad with a laid-back lifestyle, every city and town in India has its own street food culture, unique to its own. These tasty treats are delicious and rich in flavor, taste, cost-effective, easily accessible, and inexpensive. So, it would take a mammoth amount of will power to say no to a plate of “puchkas” particularly when you are trying to cut calories to lose weight. It’s really hard to swerve past street food, especially in India, where it’s available at every nook and corner, lining the streets on your way home from college/work, psychologically triggering hunger pangs. Although a few treats every now and again is acceptable, when street food replaces healthy food and becomes a daily habit, your health and ability to lose weight will suffer. Street food can be dangerous because most of it is deep-fried and contain high levels of sugar, salt, and fat. Oil used to cook and deep fry these foods is toxic. Such toxic oil raises inflammation  in the body. But, you can still enjoy street food.

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