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10 High-Protein Snack Ideas For Weight Loss

10 High-Protein Snack Ideas For Weight Loss

In many clinical studies, it has been shown that consuming recommended amounts of dietary proteins can help to promote weight loss. Though protein is not that magic bullet that would single-handedly melt away all extra fat, it definitely helps a good deal. A high-protein intake helps burn calories in two ways: 1) Studies have shown that this is the mechanism. Proteins cause a greater thermogenesis (increased metabolic rate) after eating than carbohydrate and fats. 2). Protein decreases fat mass and prevents a decrease in fat-free mass (which includes your body’s water, organs, bone, and muscle content), which helps maintain resting energy expenditure. 3). Protein will keep you satisfied and full for a long time, and curb your appetite and cravings. Since a high-protein diet is an effective strategy to employ while losing weight, let’s replace your unhealthy morning and evening snacks with these healthy, weight-loss friendly, high-protein snacks instead.

1. Broccoli Tikki:

Broccoli contains low calories, approximately 90% water with 7% carbohydrates and 3% proteins. These tikkis, made with healthy ingredients and cooked on a flat surface with minimal oil using a combination healthy ingredients including…

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