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10 Foods That Increase Body Fat

10 Foods That Increase Body Fat

While bread and jam might seem like the most convenient breakfast choice for busy individuals, including office workers and a popular option for packed lunches, it’s actually one of the least healthy options and can sabotage your weight loss goals. Experts recommend avoiding breakfasts with a lot of sugar in order to avoid a sudden spike in blood glucose and insulin levels, which could lead to hunger pangs soon after. Include protein and healthy fats at breakfast and other meals to keep you satisfied for longer. This will also help stabilize your blood sugar levels, which reduces the chances of overeating and frequent snacking during the day. Also, choosing the right type of food will help you adapt your body to fat. Being “fat adapted” refers to a state in which your body primarily relies on stored fat as its primary source of energy rather than carbs available through the meals. This state can be reached by consuming the right food, reducing carbs, exercising regularly and increasing protein. Here’s how:

How would fat adaptation lead to weight loss?

Increase your intake of…

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