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10 Evening Snacks For Weight Loss


When that 4 pm hunger strikes, don’t we all look impatiently for yummy snacks to have along with the evening cup of chai/coffee. At this time, the urge to munch on to is so strong that it shrouds over the rational to differentiate between what’s healthy and what’s not. Deep-fried pakoras are the best choice at this time. It can be tricky to find something to eat at 4 p.m. if you are trying to lose weight. Picking the right snack is essential to ensure that fat-burning continues. So, it’s time to find some delicious snacks that wouldn’t throw you out of calorie deficit, guilt free. Ideally, you can squeeze in two snacks between the main meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and out of these, evening snacks can help us ride over the afternoon slump and give a quick boost of energy to last till dinner time. These snacks are perfect for a weight loss program.

1. Grilled Paneer: Can be made with minimal oil and just a few seasonings, it’s a yummy snack that with its high protein content would keep you fuller for longer and boost weight loss as well.
2. Peanut Chaat: If you…

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